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Short City People


♫  Endless list of Favorite Musicals: Legally Blonde

Wait. You came out here to follow a man?
Harvard Law was just part of that plan?
Man, what rich romantic planet are you from?


Elle France 24th July 1989


Sutton Foster in the original Broadway cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie

and the beauty is

when you realize

when you realize


Rapunzel on Flickr.


Guys. Guys, I found it. The most passionate Fiyeraba kiss of all time. IT HAS HAPPENED.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder || Act I Highlights




The Phantom mask used by Ben Lewis in the Australian production of Love Never Dies. Since some of his lines were changed, he wrote them on the inside of his mask so he wouldn’t forget them.

Is that why his eyes were always so wide? He was trying to extend his peripheral vision to see the inside of his own mask?

I accept that this is exactly what he was doing. ;)

Beauty and the Beast



that’s it that’s the whole argument.

That’s literally the best way i’ve ever seen to describe it.

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